*Finger Sandwiches Platter                                                                                    

   *Ham, white cheddar, apple, honey dijon mustard

   *Beef, arugula, horseradish aioli

  *Turkey, cranberry, cheese

*Ham and Cheese Sliders                                                         

   with tarragon aioli, served warm on sweet rolls

*Mini-Cubano   ham, pork, mustard, swiss cheese, dill pickles served warm

*Pulled Pork Sliders slow roasted pork on sweet rolls with Kat's BBQ Sauce or can be served with rolls & bbq sauce on the side

*Bacon Wrapped Chicken                                                                       

  Maple Bacon wrapped chicken bites

*Bacon Wrapped Dates with gorgonzola cheese                              

*Goat Cheese Pecan & Grape

*Sliders   choose beef, chicken, portabella mushroom                                                                                              

*Chicken Wings  sweet & spicey, bbq, or buffalo


  *chicken –choose: bbq; teriyaki; rosemary ranch; curry with peanut sauce

  *chicken kabob with onion & peppers

  *Sausage, onions, & peppers

*Asian Barbeque Pork                                                                              

  Marinated pork served with hot mustard and sweet chili sauce.

*Stuffed Mushrooms                                                                               

  cream cheese, bacon & scallion

* Stuffed Jalapeno     baked with cheesy filling

*Ham and cream cheese wrapped Asparagus   

*Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus 

*Mini Bakers  red potatoes stuffed with cheeses, bacon & scallions (with or without bacon)

*Potato Skins – cheese, bacon, scallions with sour cream on the side

*Assorted Fresh Fruit & Cheese Platter                                            

*Antipasto Platter  cured meats, cheese, olives

*Caprese Platter  tomato, mozzarella & basil with balsamic & olive oil

*Fresh Antipasto Skewers                                                                                      

   *Skewers of tomato, cheese, black olive & salami with basil, balsamic & olive oil marinade

   *Caprese Skewers of tomato, mozzarella, basil with a balsamic olive oil marinade

*Skewered Salad with ranch or bleu cheese

   fun & delish with lettuce, tomato, cucumber

*Warm Artichoke Dip with Pita


  *tomato, basil, mozzarella

  *artichoke, grape tomato, parmesan                                   

  *beef with creamy horseradish                                                                                    

*Pot Stickers  pork or chicken dumplings with sweet chili sauce

*Crispy Wontons                                                                                                      

  Crispy Wontons filled with green curry pork

*”Dragon Chips”                                                                                                       

    Asian wonton chips dressed with green curried ground pork & the famous

    “Dragon Sauce” with scallions…….these chips are in high demand!           

*Lime Coconut Shrimp                                                                            

   A sautéed blend of shrimp, butter, lime, and coconut.

*Shrimp Skewers                                                                        

 *Gochujang – Korean spice

 *Lemon, garlic, thyme

 *Lime, cilantro, serrano pepper

*Shrimp Cocktails                                                                                      

  Chilled shrimp in our own cocktail sauce served “mini-size”

*Coconut Shrimp fried

*Crab Cakes with lemon aioli

*Southern Pimento Cheese Spread with Crackers and Baguette Slices

*Charleston Cheese Dip with Bacon served warm with Crackers & Baguette Slices

*Meatballs with cranberry / orange marmalade glaze

*Maui Meatballs (beef) with pineapple

*Vegetable Crudités’ with buttermilk ranch dipping sauce & hummus



*Chicken with Lemon & Rosemary

*Chicken Piccata with lemon, capers

*Chicken Cordon Bleu panko crusted & rolled with ham & cheese

*Chicken rolled with crisp prosciutto, swiss, & basil

*Apricot Glazed Chicken                            

  chicken pieces with apricot glaze, served on jasmine rice

*Creamy Mustard Chicken

*Italian Sausage Chicken

   Italian sausage, herbs, onion, mushrooms, peppers, mozzarella, baked in a marinara sauce with parmesan

*Tuscan Chicken

   stuffed with cheeses, roasted red pepper, tomato, basil, with white wine sauce

* Chicken Bake in white wine sauce finished with creme, topped with melted cheese

*Chicken Marsala with Mushrooms

   sautéed with Marsala Wine and mushrooms

*Chicken Santa Fe

   With black bean, corn, peppers; a creamy blend of the southwest served with rice

 *Chicken Parmesan

   panko crusted with marinara, mozzarella, parmesan

*Barbeque Chicken with our signature barbeque sauce – sweet & smoky

*Turkey Breast Roulade with our signature Italian sausage & apple stuffing

*Creamy Penne Pasta with Chicken or Italian Sausage cream sauce, with tomatoes, basil, garlic

    Options: add mushrooms, zucchini, peppers

*Herb & Spice Rubbed Baby Back Pork Ribs

   House rub of herbs, garlic, & crushed red pepper

*Cajun Bones

   Cajun seasoned Panko crusted Baby Back Pork Ribs or Beef Ribs….served w/ lemon

*Baby Back Pork Ribs -BBQ -Dragon Sauce -Herb, garlic, spice Rubbed

*Pork Loin Roast with Apple & Herb Stuffing apples & fresh herbs, wrapped in prosciutto

*Roasted Pork Tenderloin with shallots, garlic, fresh herbs

*Pork Tenderloin with brown sugar bacon

*Pulled Pork slow roasted pork shoulder, juicy, tender; served with rolls & bbq sauce

*Roast Prime Rib with horseradish

*Red Wine Braised Beef tender and juicy served in a rich savory sauce

*Korean BBQ Ribs (Kalbi)

*Roasted Sirloin Tip Roast

*New York Strip Roast

*Marinated (teriyaki) Beef Flank  

*Beef Tenderloin Roast

*Shrimp Scampi white wine, butter, herbs, parmesan and lemon

* Baked Salmon    

   *Lemon & herb

   *Salmon Parmesan with lemon

*”Fire” Pasta with Shrimp or Chicken

   A spicy/sweet creamy pasta with shrimp or chicken, basil, tomatoes, & artichokes

*Penne with Prosciutto and Peas in a light cream sauce

*Baked Pasta - Italian Sausage, Chicken, or Vegetarian  marinara, ricotta, mozzarella & parmesan

* Baked Lasagna  Just like my Nona’s *can do vegetarian

*Enchiladas Chicken or Cheese in rich sauce


*Penne Pasta cream sauce, with grape tomatoes, basil, garlic

    Option: add mushrooms, zucchini, peppers

*Penne with Prosciutto and Peas In a light cream sauce

*”Fire” Pasta   A spicy, sweet creamy pasta with tomatoes, & artichokes

    Can add shrimp or chicken

*Pesto Pasta  house basil pesto

*Baked Pasta marinara, ricotta, mozzarella & parmesan

*Mac & Cheese

*Roasted Red Potatoes perfectly seasoned and roasted with onion & garlic

*Risotto   herbs & parmesan cheese *add peas, mushrooms

*Creamy mashed potatoes with cream cheese & scallions

  potatoes are “riced”; deliciously soft and creamy!

*Rice “Pilaf our version….with sautéed celery, onion, peppers & garlic

*Jasmine Rice with Lemon & herb

*Roasted Green Beans with olive oil & lemon

*Roasted Asparagus  with olive oil & lemon

*Broccoli Cheese Bake

*Carrots with Dill & Citrus

* Roasted Mixed Vegetables roasted with olive oil, sea salt & pepper

*Baked Beans Sweet & smoky with onions & peppers

*Rice & Beans  southern style



  *House Salad of mixed lettuce, candied pecans, dried cranberries, gorgonzola, & scallions, tossed with our own

  balsamic vinaigrette

*Salad of mixed lettuce, cucumber, tomato, snap peas, peppers   Ranch & Italian on the side

*Caesar Salad  classic with croutons, parmesan & house Caesar dressing

*Spinach & Mushroom Salad with red onion & tomatoes tossed with lemon tahini

*Spinach & Apple Salad dried cranberries, scallions, feta, toasted almonds with champagne dijon vinaigrette

*Spinach & Strawberries with red onion, toasted almonds tossed with citrus vinaigrette

*Orange Fennel Salad with fresh citrus vinaigrette

*Kale & Cucumber Salad with Roasted Ginger Dressing

*Italian Pasta Salad

   with salami, mozzarella, basil, olives, scallions, grape tomatoes

* Ranch Pasta Salad 

     cucumbers, peppers, green onion, grape tomato, creamy ranch dressing

*Potato Salad family recipe with pickles, celery, onions - delish

*Sweet Potato Fiesta Salad

   Roasted with black bean, tomato, red onion, peppers, with a lime/cilantro vinaigrette

*Fresh Fruit Salad melons, grapes, berries