We now offer Pick Up Ordering!


Place your order by emailing us at 2chefs@nwi.net or by calling (509) 662-7660; you choose from the list or please always ask about items that you don't see on this Pick Up Menu. In most cases 72 hours are required for orders. Items will be added as we move forward with the program.

Pulled Pork - Slow Roasted Pork Shoulder; House BBQ Sauce

Sizes:   full size aluminum pan 50 - 70 people  $180

             half size aluminum plan 15 - 25 people  $80

Babyback Pork Ribs (slabs are 13/14 ribs)

Barbecue Ribs  $22 per slab

Dragon Sauce Ribs  $24 per slab

Herb, Garlic & Spice Rubbed Ribs  $24 per slab

BBQ Chicken (boneless skinless thigh)

45 - 60 people $185

Potato Salad - classic....delish!


Ranch Pasta Salad - penne pasta, loaded with veggies and creamy ranch dressing


Dragon Chips - they're famous....they're addicting....

Bucket of Chips, Green Curry Pork, Dragon Sauce - all you have to do is assemble at your event!  

  40-60 people    $75

Dragon Sauce by the 16 ou jar  $15  ...discount for multiple jars...

Fresh Fruit Platter


Vegetable Platter with Hummus & Ranch Dip