Dragon Sauce is Here!

Our famous Dragon Sauce is now available to order! 

This Sauce is Hot, Sweet, & Sticky!

To Order email: 2chefs@nwi.net   

16 ounce $13  *Two for $25

To Order - go to our “Contact Us” page or email - 2chefs@nwi.net or call (509) 662-7660

Dragon Chips: You can also order the Dragon Chips Package (chips, green curry pork, dragon sauce) - just assemble! Go to our Pick Up Ordering Page

What else can we use Dragon Sauce for? Well just about EVERYTHING! This sauce is a great condiment for any food! Drizzle over or dip into - anything Crunchy…chips, pork rinds!

Drizzle over cream cheese as a dip

Use as a condiment with any meat - delish tossed over cooked Chicken Wings, Baste over any Grilled, Roasted or Pan Fried Meat toward the end of cooking; Mix Dragon Sauce with Oyster, Hoisin, or Soy Sauce and create amazing Sauces for many options. 

*Dragon Wings - several ways to use Dragon Sauce with Wings - one way is: cook wings as you like, drizzle with Dragon Sauce and toss to coat; add chopped scallions.

*Dragon Meatballs - make your favorite meatball recipe or ground meat (beef, chicken, or pork or any combination thereof), grated ginger & garlic, chopped cilantro, fish sauce, sugar, chili sauce, hoisin; bake balls on a sheet pan; transfer to a baking pan. Mix Dragon Sauce with a small amount of oyster sauce; pour over meatballs and reheat until sticky & glazey. 

Great with Veggies!

Our Staff LOVES Dragon Sauce drizzled over Vanilla Ice Cream and Cheesecake! Yummolicious!

Dragon Sauce 1.jpg