Dragon Sauce is Here!

Our famous Dragon Sauce is now available to order! 

This Sauce is Hot, Sweet, & Sticky!

To Order email: 2chefs@nwi.net   

16 ounce $15  Order a case of 12 - $160

Coming Soon - order from the website, for now just drop us an email - 2chefs@nwi.net or call (509) 264-1502 or (509) 662-7660

You can also order the Dragon Chips Package (chips, green curry pork, dragon sauce) - just assemble!

What else can we use Dragon Sauce for? Well just about EVERYTHING! This sauce is a great condiment for any food!

Use as a condiment with any meat - delish tossed over cooked Chicken Wings, Baste over any Grilled, Roasted or Pan Fried Meat toward the end of cooking; Mix Dragon Sauce with Oyster, Hoisin, or Soy Sauce and create amazing Sauces for many options. 

*Dragon Wings - several ways to use Dragon Sauce with Wings - one way is: cook wings as you like, drizzle with Dragon Sauce and toss to coat; add chopped scallions.

*Dragon Meatballs - make your favorite meatball recipe or ground meat (beef, chicken, or pork or any combination thereof), grated ginger & garlic, chopped cilantro, fish sauce, sugar, chili sauce, hoisin; bake balls on a sheet pan; transfer to a baking pan. Mix Dragon Sauce with a small amount of oyster sauce; pour over meatballs and reheat until sticky & glazey. 

*Dragon Wonton Chips - cut wonton chips in half diagonally; fry chips til crisp; drizzle Dragon Sauce over chips sprinkle with chopped scallions. Can add ground chicken, pork, or beef.

Great with Veggies!

Our Staff LOVES Dragon Sauce drizzled over Vanilla Ice Cream and Cheesecake! Yummolicious!